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Family First Evidence-Building Hub: Annual Evidence-Building Strategy Report


The newly-released Family First Annual Evidence-Building Strategy Report provides ongoing guidance to the Colorado Department of Human Services and Family First implementation partners to ensure strategic investments in evidence-building for programs/services positioned to meet the needs of children, youth, and families. The report includes:

  • Summary of evidence designations for each approved program/service.
  • Conceptual framework and recommendations for prioritizing additional programs/services for evidence-building and possible inclusion in Colorado’s Five-Year Prevention Services Plan.
  • Progress made on meeting important federal requirements, including fidelity monitoring.
  • Opportunities to maximize federal drawdown.
  • Actionable guidance to advance implementation of Colorado’s prevention strategy, including expanding reach of the service array and eligible populations.

In coordinating rigorous evaluation efforts through the Family First Evidence-Building Hub, the Colorado Lab provides strategic guidance to meet the evidence-based aspects of Family First. This model reduces evaluation and administrative burden and duplication for the state, increases the translation of findings into actionable policy and practice recommendations, and more efficiently informs Colorado’s evidence-based Prevention Services Continuum.

To learn more about our work for Family First in Colorado, please contact Dr. Elysia Clemens.

Family First Spotlight

Changes in Home Visiting Since the Start of the Pandemic: Lessons from the Child First Program

“As a participant in the Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT), Aurora Mental Health and Recovery Child First program has been observing that parents who complete the survey are more likely to become actively involved in services. There is a special quality about this initial visit that helps parents feel heard right away and then stick with the Child First services. Secondly, our staff have reported that having some initial assessments completed as part of the RCT survey lightens their work load. Finally, I believe the families appreciate being asked to participate and want to “contribute” to the Child First model.”

– Christy Balentine, Clinical Supervisor

As shared with the Family First Evidence-Building Hub team, MDRC, and highlighted in their implementation brief.