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2022 Legislative Session: Informing Key Legislation


Colorado Lab studies informed an array of legislation in this year’s session, including bills that were passed to strengthen care and learning for preschoolers and increase pathways to high school graduation. Our efforts included working with partners to conduct research studies, providing expert testimony, and evaluating the effectiveness of models.

HB22-1295 – Department of Early Childhood and Universal Preschool Program

Positions Colorado as a national model for early childhood education and care. The Colorado Lab partnered with state leaders to leverage data and inform the creation and rollout of these groundbreaking resources to improve the accessibility, affordability, and quality of Colorado’s early childhood education and care system. Learn more about the Colorado Lab’s support for the early childhood workforce and knowledge building.

Partner: Partner: Early childhood partners from across state and local agencies, including the Office of Early Childhood and the Early Childhood Leadership Commission

Congratulations to Lisa Roy on being named Executive Director of Colorado’s new Department of Early Childhood! We’re excited to work together with Dr. Roy and everyone at the department to ensure the continuing use of data to inform and advance early childhood education and make a meaningful difference for Colorado’s young children and their families.

HB22-1002 – Fifth Year High School Concurrent Enrollment

Removes barriers to increasing the number of students taking college courses while in high school. A Colorado Lab study showed Concurrent Enrollment to be highly effective in increasing college graduation for high school students in Colorado.

Partner: Colorado Department of Higher Education

HB22-1374 – Foster Care Success Act
Creates the Fostering Educational Opportunities program to help youth who have experienced foster care to be successful in school and earn a high school credential.

Partners: Governor’s Office (Pay for Success); Colorado Department of Human Services, Division of Child Welfare; and Jefferson County School District

The Colorado Lab’s study of the Fostering Opportunity pilot program in Jefferson County informed HB22-1374.