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Colorado Justice Systems Forum: Working Together Toward an Improved Criminal Justice System

Close-up of golden statue depicting blindfolded Lady Justice with the scales of justice in one hand a sword in another.

The Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab, in collaboration with Colorado Governor Jared Polis, the Colorado Department of Public Safety, Colorado Department of Human Services, Colorado Department of Corrections, is proud to co-host the Colorado Criminal Justice Forum.

Via a press release from the Colorado Department of Public Safety:

“Colorado Governor Jared Polis will host a two-day stakeholder forum on March 4 and 5, 2020, to discuss the current state of criminal justice in Colorado and explore strategies to enhance our criminal justice systems.

More than 450 stakeholders from across the state, representing all walks of life and every facet of criminal justice, will gather to collaborate on strategies aimed at:

  • Reducing recidivism;
  • Sentencing without bias;
  • Implementing pretrial reforms; and
  • Reducing the involvement of, and improving outcomes for, juveniles in the justice system.”

Stop by and visit the Colorado Lab at our booth during the event!

Follow us on Twitter @coloradolab for event coverage.