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Goal 1: Building a Shared Understanding

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Goal 1 Overview

Establish a shared understanding of evidence-based decision making in state government and create the conditions necessary for culture building.

A gold and red oblong shape and an icon with two people talking that says Goal 1: Building a Shared Understanding of EBMD in State Government

A colored circular graphic depicting the tenets of evidence-based decision making

Goal 1 Activities

Creating a culture of evidence-based decision making (EBDM) begins with a common understanding of what the approach is and how to achieve it. A shared mental model is critical to ensuring alignment within and across branches of government and ensuring sustainable structures.

Orienting government and community partners to Colorado’s 5-year vision to EBDM is the first step in creating a shared mental model. Facilitated learning sessions by the Colorado Lab help stakeholders unpack the value of the EBDM approach and identify their unique contributions. Trainings and professional development on key concepts in EBDM equip agency leaders and staff with tools to use data for effective decision making. A living glossary provides definitions that can be used across governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to align activities and drive toward shared goals. The external research community is also activated to embed the EBDM approach in evaluation and research activities across sectors and policy areas.

A four column graphic depicting the evidence portfolio process

Goal 1 Actionability

By having a common understanding and using shared terms, Colorado can improve efficiency and effectiveness in evidence building and evidence use. Shared terms help stakeholders have conversations with—rather than across—one another to ensure alignment and reduce redundancy. Consistent use of the EBDM approach will promote smart state investments and create sustained structures that improve outcomes for Colorodans.

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