Call for Letters of Interest – External Research Teams to Conduct Rigorous Evaluations of Programs/Services under Colorado’s Family First Strategy

The Colorado Department of Human Services has partnered with the Colorado Lab to coordinate rigorous evaluations of
programs/services prioritized by the state for Family First. As the designated Family First Evidence-
Building Hub, the Colorado Lab is accepting Letters of Interest from research teams interested in receiving funding to design and conduct a rigorous evaluation.

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What it Takes to Activate Evidence-Based Decision-Making

With a clear, shared understanding of what Evidence-Based Decision-Making (EBDM) is, the next step in creating an EBDM culture is for decision-makers, agency leadership, and staff to commit to routinely using the EBDM approach, consistent with each of their roles.

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Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Policymaking: Understanding and Creating an EBDM Culture

Colorado’s five-year vision for Evidence-Based Decision-Making (EBDM) in policymaking was created collaboratively by members of the executive and legislative branches, non-governmental partners, and the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab (Colorado Lab). EBDM is recognized as an important means to drive smart state investments, continuous quality improvement, innovation, and meaningful outcomes.

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Webinar: Exploring Opportunities for Evaluators and Implementation Practitioners To Work Together To Create Sustainable and Equitable Change

On September 19, the Colorado Lab’s Kristin Klopfenstein and Lauren Gase, along with Allison Metz from UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Social Work and Just Learning Systems’ Kirsten Kainz, presented the webinar “Exploring Opportunities for Evaluators and Implementation Practitioners To Work Together To Create Sustainable and Equitable Change.”

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Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Policymaking: A 5-Year Vision for Colorado

Colorado is a recognized leader nationally in evidence-based policymaking. Consistent use of data and research is increasingly understood to be key to achieving policies that are equitable, efficient, and effective. The Colorado Lab received philanthropic support to facilitate the development of a commonly accepted vision for Colorado’s approach to evidence-based decision-making.

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Request for Proposals: Website Development

The Colorado Lab is seeking a skilled web development company to redesign our website! The vendor must have experience building interactive, responsive sites for similarly-complex projects for nonprofit organizations.

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Call for Strategic Communications Support

The Colorado Lab seeks to contract with one or more communications specialists to support projects in identifying evidence-based strategies for communication, developing communication plans and messages that will resonate with defined audiences, and developing communication products.

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Colorado Lab Essential Elements: Sustain Change

Throughout this past year, in recognition of the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab’s 5th anniversary, we have lifted up elements of our work essential to achieving our mission—using data to inform solutions to critical social problems. There is a strong likelihood that solutions will be sustainable over time and may well grow in scale.

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Colorado Lab Essential Elements: Activate Findings

The goal of every Colorado Lab project is meaningful, timely action; we generate research evidence to inform practice and policy decisions. One of the most important elements to activating research findings is taking care to create, nurture, and maintain trusting relationships with and among partners

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