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Fostering Learning & Alignment Among District Attorneys’ Offices


The Colorado Lab is working with eight District Attorneys’ (DAs) Offices in Colorado to develop data dashboards to assist them with tracking progress toward greater efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness. Last month, we facilitated the second cross-jurisdiction learning meeting with elected DAs and implementation leads from each pilot site. The meeting provided an opportunity for offices to hear from, connect with, and learn from each other.

Meeting participants dug into data-related challenges and opportunities, for example, working together to develop a shared definition of violent crime, identify a common set of disposition reasons, and brainstorm strategies to partner with law enforcement to improve the collection of defendant race and ethnicity information.

Each site shared and received feedback on their plans for community engagement, including defining the groups they want to engage with, the types of input and feedback they hope to gain from each group, and the strategies they will use to engage them. Dr. Melba Pearson from the Prosecutorial Performance Indicators Project, who facilitated the discussion, shared that…

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The work of the pilot offices will lay the foundation to support statewide scale, with the aim of launching dashboards in all of Colorado’s judicial districts. To learn more about the Prosecutorial Dashboards project contact Jo Beletic or sign up for regular updates here.