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Evaluation of Colorado Lab Support Provided to RISE Grantees


Laib Evaluation gathered feedback from RISE-funded and Colorado Lab-supported sites to better understand their experiences and to share learnings with funders, partners, and potential partner organizations. Evaluation results were overwhelmingly positive and are being used by the Colorado Lab to identify opportunities for improvement.

Results show that the Colorado Lab facilitated collaboration across project teams to help teams successfully design and implement their projects. Overall, the Colorado Lab’s support contributed to:

  • All 10 sites reporting enhanced communication and relationships within teams, project implementation, and processes and systems to measure progress, as well as increased knowledge.
  • Eight sites reporting that they will reach partial-to-complete sustained implementation by the end of the project period.

See the full report.

Nearly all grantee respondents (96%) indicated they would recommend working with the Colorado Lab to other schools/districts.

“To have someone with an outside lens look at the work we are doing, ask good questions, redirect us when we get too far off task, and help drive the work forward has been invaluable. While we may have done the work, I don’t think we would have been as organized to be able to account for the how/why, and track and sustain it without the organizational pieces and process we have gone through with support from the Lab.”

– RISE grantee