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2021 Legislative Session: Building Evidence to Effectively Implement Policy Wins


SB21-194 – Maternal Health Provider

A landmark bill that includes the requirement to assess use of research evidence in perinatal policymaking to reduce disparities in maternal care and reduce maternal mortality. The study seeks to understand what aids and what gets in the way of using research evidence in policy development and uptake related to the perinatal period. Because the bill uniquely, and importantly, requires building evidence and ensuring findings are effectively translated and put to use, the Colorado Lab will also develop data-informed guidance to strengthen evidence-based policymaking that impacts perinatal health.

Partner: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Learn more about the Colorado Lab’s extensive work on maternal health or connect with Dr. Courtney Everson.

SB21-118 – Alternative Response for Mistreatment of At-Risk Adults

Makes Colorado the first state to pilot an alternative response model for adult protective services with the goal of advancing client-centered and family-driven responses to allegations of adult mistreatment or self-neglect. The goal of the pilot is to identify tailored responses that are less punitive and offer the likelihood of long-term well-being outcomes for at-risk individuals in low-risk situations, such as unintentional self-neglect due to an elderly person with limited mobility not having the proper equipment in their home to take care of bathing and hygiene needs.

“We love working with the Colorado Lab. Their expertise, knowledge, and foresight have been an integral part of developing the Alternative Response Pilot and we are so pleased to be collaborating with them on this project.”

– Stefanie Woodward, Program Manager, Adult Protective Services and CAPS Check Unit, Colorado Department of Human Services

Partner: Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Adult, Aging, and Disability Services

You can learn more here or contact Dr. Courtney Everson.