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Workforce Development Evidence-Building Hub

A teenager works on machine in a skilled trade workshop with a wall of keys

Hub Overview

The Workforce Development Evidence-Building Hub was launched in collaboration with the Colorado Equitable Economic Mobility Initiative (CEEMI) and industry partners to meet the growing demand for data-driven insights and the need to create transformative change for Colorado’s workforce. The Hub aims to analyze employment and earnings outcomes for participants in workforce training and upskilling programs with the goal of understanding how to best develop talent for critical industries.

Funded and supported by our industry partners, the Hub is positioned to inform targeted investments in innovative talent development programs. The Hub builds upon lessons learned from investments made through the American Rescue Plan Act and State Land Local Fiscal Recovery Funds by establishing a pathway for training providers to track crucial labor market outcomes for their participants. The Hub accomplishes this by conducting evaluations leveraging its partnership with LINC and data provided by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

The Hub groups various workforce training and upskilling programs into cohorts. The cohort organization of projects allows the Colorado Lab to support and evaluate programs individually while also providing broader cohort-wide insights. The first cohort of program participants includes six programs; an additional six programs are at various points in the process for inclusion in either the second or third cohort.

Workforce Development Evidence-Building Hub


The Workforce Development Evidence-Building Hub will build evidence that informs the potential sustaining and scaling of investments in workforce development. The Hub is addressing Colorado’s workforce needs by providing information needed for understanding the value of upskilling to industry and educational institutions.

The Hub’s focus aligns with the Governor’s Cabinet Working Group on Workforce’s Wildly Important Priority to “invest in all Coloradans having access to upskilling or undertaking postsecondary education that results in meaningful skills training with an emphasis on preparing the state to meet crucial workforce needs across in-demand industries, and ensure that training results in improved job opportunities and career mobility.”

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