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DPS and Colorado Judicial Branch Partner with LINC

Vertical logo of the Linked Information Network of Colorado, LINC.

We are pleased to welcome Denver Public Schools and the Colorado Judicial Branch (adult and juvenile state courts) as new partners to the Linked Information Network of Colorado (LINC). LINC was created through the Lab’s partnership with the Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology to help state and local government agencies harness data to inform solutions to critical social problems.

Solving complex challenges requires an understanding of the needs of people being addressed through multiple systems. Data collected by individual agencies won’t tell us everything we need to know to effectively address multifaceted real-world problems, and government agencies are rarely equipped to share data.

Linked Information Network of Colorado wheel graphic depicting various sectors LINC is involved in.

LINC safely and securely connects anonymized data across state agencies and systems to fully inform solutions to specific societal challenges. This tailored, cross-sector data resource also encourages collaboration, leveraging the ability of state agencies to move past entrenched problems to advance new solutions, like:

  • Strengthening the early care and education workforce,
  • Preventing prenatal substance use, and
  • Preventing homelessness among youth in foster care.

New agencies are compensated for their time contributing data to approved projects and partners have the ongoing benefit of a time-saving single data request pathway.

To learn more about LINC, how to become a partner, and about LINC projects, contact Dr. Whitney LeBoeuf.