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Evidence-Based Decision Making: SMART Act Cue Card for Legislators

Shot of the Colorado State Capitol building's golden dome.

Each January, SMART Act hearings provide a key opportunity to demonstrate the high value Colorado places on EBDM in state government. The tenets of EBDM become readily apparent when legislators ask agency leadership targeted questions about their performance management and process improvement efforts and how evidence informs their ongoing work. To support this process, the Colorado Lab developed a cue card with a menu of possible questions legislative committee members can ask agencies during SMART Act hearings. 

The questions are designed to help legislators surface:

  • When agency goals are data-informed and identify what drives change.
  • How agencies use performance management for continuous improvement and learning.
  • Opportunities to build evidence so that future decisions can be better informed by data.

Colorado Lab leaders have been meeting with likely SMART Act Joint Legislative Committee members to introduce them to this cue card and offer technical assistance to support them in meaningful use during SMART Act hearings. We encourage legislators and state agencies interested in applying the SMART Act cue card to contact Dr. Courtney Everson.