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Evidence-Based Decision-Making: New Evidence-Based Decision-Making Strategy Report 

Front view of the Colorado State Capitol building.

We’re pleased to share the new report, Promoting Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Colorado State Government: From Vision to Implementation and an Executive Summary. The report outlines four strategic goals (image below) to guide implementation of the EBDM vision over a span of five years. The strategy for EBDM is organized around both the culture we are striving to achieve and the structures necessary to support that culture. Within each goal, we provide a brief description of why the goal matters, its target audiences, and current activities, such as development of a Glossary of EBDM-Related Terms, an Evidence Portfolio Process for State Agencies, and a Cue Card for use in SMART Act Hearings.

This report also surfaces the need for a stable coordinating entity to realize the EBDM strategy. Independent, non-partisan leadership will help to advance Colorado’s EBDM culture and facilitate aligned structures across state government. The Colorado Lab is meeting this need by serving as the coordinating entity and is activating the research community to support this vital work. Interested researchers and governmental partnerships are encouraged to read the strategy report and contact the Colorado Lab if interested in bringing their unique contributions to the work.

To learn more about EBDM implementation in state government and to get involved, please contact Dr. Courtney Everson.