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New! Evidence-Based Decision-Making Glossary

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The Colorado Lab has developed a new Evidence-Based Decision-Making (EBDM) Glossary of Terms to support decision-makers, agency leadership, and staff in gaining a common understanding of EBDM in policymaking. EBDM is recognized as an important means to align roles and responsibilities across branches of government and drive smart state investments and meaningful outcomes.

This tool promotes a shared understanding of key concepts. Our aim is to decrease disconnects, helping people to get on the same page so that they can work together more efficiently and effectively,” said Dr. Kristin Klopfenstein, director of the Colorado Lab.

Each definition is developed based on a literature review together with input from subject matter experts and practitioners. Collaborators in glossary development include staff from the Governor’s Office, Joint Budget Committee staff, agency leadership, and members of the Colorado Evidence-Based Policy Collaborative. The living document is updated quarterly and key stakeholders are notified of new terms and definitions. The goal is to have a one-stop-shop that can promote adoption and alignment of terms across current statutorily-defined, rule-defined, and commonly-used definitions in Colorado and across the nation.

Learn more about the Colorado Lab’s facilitation of EBDM in state government, and check out our EBDM blog series. For additional information or to schedule a Colorado Lab-hosted EBDM 101 Learning & Dialogue Session, contact Dr. Courtney Everson.