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Does the Concurrent Enrollment Program Improve Time-To-Degree and Wages?

This study is an extension of the Outcomes and Return on Investment of Concurrent Enrollment in Colorado project and addresses the concern that while nearly 75% of jobs in Colorado require some education beyond high school, only 66% of the state’s adult population has such qualifications. Using administrative data from state education agencies, this study informs the state’s understanding of the Concurrent Enrollment program as a driver of on-time credential completion (Associate’s or Bachelor’s degrees) and increased earnings.

Improving Data Systems to Support the Early Childhood Workforce

There are roughly 19,000 members of the early childhood teaching workforce in Colorado. After families, this workforce is one of the most important and essential components to the development of children. This project develops and makes available meaningful data assets on the early childhood workforce so we can make data informed decisions on how best to support those caring for Colorado’s young children.