Joanna “Jo” Beletic, MA Staff Researcher II

Jo joined the Colorado Lab for the Colorado Prosecutorial Dashboards project, encouraging data-informed prosecutorial practices to advance fairness and support transparency across the state’s justice system. Prior to joining the Colorado Lab, Jo developed and oversaw the Compliance Department for the Center for Justice Innovation’s Brooklyn-based criminal courts programming in New York. Her department enhanced operational efficiency, program sustainability, and internal evaluation efforts for alternatives to detention/incarceration programming. Jo received her master’s in international human rights from the University of Denver’s Josef Korbel School and a bachelor’s in international relations from the College of William and Mary.

While Jo’s initial work at the Colorado Lab was rooted in the justice system, she has more recently applied this passion to advance equity and social change to other public policy areas, including behavioral health and family well-being. The Colorado Lab essential element that speaks most strongly to her is activating findings. The Colorado Lab is intentional about going beyond the generation of research evidence to use results for meaningful action.

Like many other Coloradans, Jo finds joy basking in our state’s sunshine, preferably above tree line.