Ernest Boffy-Ramirez, PhD Senior Researcher / Project Director

Dr. Ernest Boffy-Ramirez is a labor economist and IZA Institute of Labor Economics Fellow whose previous research on labor market dynamics led him to seek out opportunities to effect tangible change with the Colorado Lab. Before joining the Colorado Lab, Ernest spent over a decade as a professor of economics at the University of Colorado Denver. During this time, he taught and honed quantitative skills to uncover insights on a wide range of topics, including labor force participation, unemployment, migration, job quality and turnover, job-lock, human capital accumulation, and compensation. This experience also afforded him opportunities to collaborate with various community partners and nonprofit organizations. At the Colorado Lab, Ernest leverages his deep knowledge in labor economics and applied econometrics to propel the Colorado Lab’s policy mission forward, focusing especially on projects related to workforce development, economic mobility, and cash assistance.

Motivated by the Colorado Lab’s Essential Elements, dedication to rigorous research, undertaking high-risk, high-reward projects, and acting as a conduit between the research community and external stakeholders, Ernest is passionate about pioneering innovative, data-driven solutions.

Ernest enjoys outdoor activities with his family and immersing himself in one of his many hobbies.