Project Abstract

The goal of this project is to inform how CDHS and the Colorado Division of Probation Services tailor recidivism reduction services to individuals with traumatic brain injuries (TBI). This work builds on a federal grant launched by MINDSOURCE –the Brain Injury Network housed within CDHS, which focused on ensuring that justice-involved individuals with TBI were properly screened, identified, and referred for support. In the current project, the research team will link the previously collected MINDSOURCE data to Colorado Division of Probation Services data to determine if there are consistent risk factors and/or vulnerabilities across individuals who screen positive for TBI and to determine whether or not the referral model is associated with successful completion of probation and/or reductions in recidivism. If consistent risk factors can be identified and the model increases successful completion, this information can be used to guide probation, county jails, and the Colorado Department of Corrections in the development of screening, support, and referral policies statewide.


Colorado Judicial Branch, Division of Probation Services

Colorado Department of Human Services, MINDSOURCE Brain Injury Network

Research Partners: 

University of Denver