CDEC Organizational Theories of Change

A series of theories of change (TOCs), that explicitly align the Colorado Department of Early Childhood’s (CDEC) programmatic efforts with the goals from its strategic plan, including: access and quality, workforce, family strengthening, and a unifying TOC.

Fostering Opportunities Logic Model

The logic model that was developed in partnership with Colorado Implementation Science Unit can be used by the Fostering Opportunities Program as a part of Step 1: theory of change by providing a road map to link efforts to outcomes.

Fostering Opportunities Implementation Initial and Established Tool

This Fostering Opportunities Implementation Tool can be used by Fostering Opportunities leadership and staff involved in child welfare and education leadership to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement in the implementation of the Fostering Opportunities program.

Fostering Opportunities Implementation Case Review Form

This Case Review Form is to be used as an in-depth review of a single case. This tool serves as a snapshot for program staff to reflect on a given student and assess if they received the entire Fostering Opportunities program over the course of the year. The goal is to raise the Specialist’s awareness […]