Vision for Evidence-Based Decision Making

Evidence-Based Decision-Making is critical to driving smart state investments, continuous quality improvement, innovation, and outcomes. By making explicit Colorado’s shared understanding of evidence-based decision-making and our approach to it, we can align roles and responsibilities, accelerate progress, and build on the good work that has come before.

Evidence-Based Decision Making Systems Map

Results and recommendations for all evidence portfolios in the inventory are synthesized in the systems map. Agency leadership apply a systems lens during decision making to achieve a balanced view and identity trade-offs between and dependencies among programs/practices.

What is Rigor and Why is it Important?

The term “rigor” is widely used in research and evaluation; however, the term is rarely and inconsistently defined. Moreover, the term “rigor” can be polarizing or misunderstood. Some may see rigor as a “gold standard,” whereas others may view rigor as a construct that limits creativity. Rigor is one of the Colorado Evaluation and Action […]

Fostering Opportunities Program Manual: Middle and High School Version

This is the original Fostering Opportunities Program Manual. A 2.0 Version was developed in 2024. Fostering Opportunities is an innovative student engagement program for middle school and high school students who have experienced foster care. The goal of the program is to help youth who have experienced foster care be successful in school and ultimately […]