Colorado Prosecutorial Dashboards Newsletters

In this periodic newsletter, we share information and updates about the Colorado Prosecutorial Dashboards Project. The goal of the project is to develop data dashboards to assist District Attorneys’ offices with tracking progress toward greater efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness.

Fostering Opportunities Logic Model

The logic model that was developed in partnership with Colorado Implementation Science Unit can be used by the Fostering Opportunities Program as a part of Step 1: theory of change by providing a road map to link efforts to outcomes.

Home Visiting Evaluation Report

Evaluation report that synthesizes findings from the evaluation of the home visiting for home child care providers pilot.

SMART Act Hearing Cue Card

This cue card provides legislators with a set of questions they can ask presenters during SMART Act Hearings. SMART Act Hearings are a key opportunity to promote Colorado’s approach to evidence-based decision making (EBDM) in state government. The questions suggested follow the flow of presentations by state agencies.