What is Rigor and Why is it Important?

The term “rigor” is widely used in research and evaluation; however, the term is rarely and inconsistently defined. Moreover, the term “rigor” can be polarizing or misunderstood. Some may see rigor as a “gold standard,” whereas others may view rigor as a construct that limits creativity. Rigor is one of the Colorado Evaluation and Action […]

Evidence-Based Decision Making Systems Map

Results and recommendations for all evidence portfolios in the inventory are synthesized in the systems map. Agency leadership apply a systems lens during decision making to achieve a balanced view and identity trade-offs between and dependencies among programs/practices.

Vision for Evidence-Based Decision Making

Evidence-Based Decision-Making is critical to driving smart state investments, continuous quality improvement, innovation, and outcomes. By making explicit Colorado’s shared understanding of evidence-based decision-making and our approach to it, we can align roles and responsibilities, accelerate progress, and build on the good work that has come before.