Boosting college and career success

The Colorado Department of Higher Education is tasked with distributing funds under the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) to high schools and postsecondary institutions– or their community partners– to increase the availability and accessibility of pre-collegiate and post-secondary student support services. The long-term goal of the COSI program is to increase postsecondary completion rates. The Colorado Lab is helping the program to better target its funds toward measurable goals.

Concurrent enrollment for college attainment

This project assesses evidence of promise for concurrent enrollment as a strategy for improving college attainment for all students in Colorado, with special attention to whether this strategy improves outcomes for students from low-income and minority families.

Fostering Opportunities

Jefferson County Public Schools and Jefferson County Human Services (Jeffco) are implementing a pilot program to ensure that youth who experience foster care have the educational supports and services to be successful in school.  Specialists take a trauma-informed and data-driven approach to strengthening students’ network of supports and ensuring continuity during school moves and placement changes. Pay for Success financing is being used to bring this pilot to scale. The Lab is partnering with Jeffco to document the program so that it is replicable in other counties and to evaluate its promise.