Project Abstract

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) for the delivery of evidence-based services that are part of the Family First Services continuum ensures that Colorado children, youth, and families are, in fact, receiving the services that have been shown to drive positive outcomes. CQI involves using data to determine if the program is delivered as it was designed, and if yes, providing support to ensure adherence to the model is sustained, and if not, providing data-informed support to providers in meeting the goal of delivering services with fidelity to the model. Not only is CQI important for Colorado families, but it is also a requirement to draw down federal reimbursement for delivery of services that are part of Colorado’s 5-Year Prevention Services Plan. State Intermediaries play the primary role in CQI for specific evidence-based services. This project will develop a dashboard that focuses on the state’s role in monitoring adherence and targeting investments to strengthen program deliveries and improve outcomes for families. This dashboard will provide a view across services, providers, and regions.


Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Children, Youth and Families

Research Partners: 

University of Denver, Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab

Oak City Labs

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