Learning from ARPA Investments

Through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA), the federal government provided $3.8 billion to Colorado in support of pandemic-related recovery efforts across health, education, economic development, housing, and other public sectors.

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sara bayless

Sara Bayless Named External Research Partner

A warm welcome to Sara Bayless as she partners with the Colorado Lab in support of our work with the Colorado Partnership for Thriving Families (Partnership). Dr. Bayless, who serves as a Director at the OMNI Institute, is skilled in conducting research and evaluation that helps organizations advance the evidence for their social programming.

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Fostering Learning & Alignment Among District Attorneys’ Offices

The Colorado Lab is working with eight District Attorneys’ (DAs) Offices in Colorado to develop data dashboards to assist them with tracking progress toward greater efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness. The second cross-jurisdiction learning meeting took place last month, providing an opportunity for offices to hear from, connect with, and learn from each other.

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