Multisystem Utilizer Research Awards

The Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab recently announced its selection of researchers to serve as consultants for the Colorado Lab’s Multisystem Utilizer project. The work of the selected researchers aims to create field- and research-informed metrics of system utilization within and across public agencies that can be used for decision-making

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Request for Proposals: Multisystem High Utilizers

The Colorado Lab is soliciting applications from researchers who are committed to government partnerships and are experienced in working with administrative data from state or local government agencies to create practice and research-informed metrics of high system utilization. The term high utilizers refers to individuals who use public systems repeatedly, including but

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Requests for Proposals: Quick-Turnaround RFP

The mission of the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab (Colorado Lab) is to improve services to Colorado residents, by working with government and community partners to conduct research and translate it into action. We know researchers and universities across the state share in this commitment. We are excited to launch an

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