Family First Evidence-Building Hub: Annual Report & Spotlight on External Research Partner, Colorado Implementation Science Unit

Under the Family First Evidence-Building Hub, the Colorado Lab coordinates and oversees evaluations to build evidence of effectiveness for four interventions as part of the state’s strategy to support children and families and prevent foster care placement. Additional evaluations will be added under the Hub as new programs and services are prioritized.

Perinatal Substance Use Disorders Lived Experiences

This qualitative research study will elicit experiential data from birthing individuals impacted by substance use/substance use disorders, from pregnancy through the first year postpartum. By including the perceptions and experiences of those with lived expertise, data on barriers and facilitators to cross-system care coordination for family well-being and perinatal health can be understood from multiple vantage points.

Prevention Investment Strategy

The Colorado Child Abuse Prevention Trust Fund provides leadership, collaborative support, and advising and makes recommendations regarding child maltreatment prevention planning, implementation, alignment, and investments across Colorado, with a statutorily-defined focus on primary and secondary prevention. The Colorado Lab is developing a multi-year Prevention Investment Strategy Plan that promotes better data-informed decision-making and smart state investments in child maltreatment prevention.