The Colorado Lab focuses on the power of research to inform decisions, drive actions, and improve services. We support state and local agencies, philanthropic funders, and community partners.

Read about our philosophy for partnerships.

We suggest you contact the Lab when any one of the following is true:

  • You want research partners who take a family- or problem-centered approach to policy implementation.
  • You seek to identify and meet the needs of people who are served through multiple government systems (e.g., public benefits, corrections, housing, and education).
  • You recognize the information you need requires integrated data across public systems.
  • You require cross-agency or state-local partnerships to address a concern, challenge, or research question (e.g., system-involved youth or highly-mobile families).
  • You value the power of data in informing your funding strategies.
  • You seek a sustainable process for evaluating the impact of your investments.
  • You need actionable research to guide decisions related to one of the Governor’s priority areas:
    • Recidivism Reduction
    • Affordable Housing
    • Prevention and Early Intervention for System Involved Youth
    • Good Government and Efficiency Projects
    • Marijuana-Funded Programs
  • You need a matchmaker – we can connect you to our network of researchers at universities and research firms throughout Colorado and across the country.

When to Contact the Lab