The Colorado Lab improves the lives of Colorado residents by partnering with state and local governments to strengthen coordinated and efficient person-centered services.

The Lab builds the capacity of government by prioritizing work that addresses cross-system challenges, either among state agencies or between state and local agencies.

The Lab provides partnership support in the following areas, as needed and appropriate to the situation:

    1. Supporting initial scoping of projects and methods
    2. Ensuring the relevance, potential target audience(s), and actionability of results before a project gets underway
    3. Facilitating outreach to and convening of potential stakeholders to inform research and obtain buy-in
    4. Connecting government staff with academic researchers committed to the scoped project ideas
    5. Facilitating development of and accountability to a partnership communications plan
    6. Supporting development and registration of a rigorous analysis plan
    7. Supporting the identification, integration, security, and accessibility of data appropriate for project
    8. Supporting development of an external communications plan and implementing plan on schedule
    9. Coauthoring research products

Learn more about the Lab’s tailored services in What to Expect Working with the Lab