Fostering Opportunities, A Pay for Success Project to Improve the Foster Care Graduation Rate

Only one in four Colorado students who experience foster care during high school graduate with their class. In partnership with Jefferson County, this pilot develops and tests the effectiveness of a program that better aligns child welfare and education practices to ensure that every student who has experienced foster care has a consistent mentor and advocate for their educational success.

Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI) Community Partner Program Grants

“Letting a thousand flowers bloom” is a frequently used phrase among funders allowing grantees the flexibility to innovate. However, a diversity of approaches can make it difficult to determine whether the funding has impacted the desired outcomes. This collaboration with the Colorado Department of Higher Education focused on balancing the need for flexibility among recipients of COSI funding with the General Assembly’s need for accountability in improving student outcomes, particularly postsecondary completion rates.

The Outcomes and Return on Investment of Concurrent Enrollment in Colorado

Nearly 75% of jobs in Colorado require some education beyond high school but only 66% of the state’s adult population has such qualifications. This study investigates the potential of the state’s Concurrent Enrollment program to increase the number of adults with postsecondary experience. It examines the costs, college outcomes (matriculation, credit accumulation, and persistence), and return on investment of Concurrent Enrollment within Colorado’s public education system.