Project Abstract

In 2018, the Colorado Department of Corrections (CDOC) Division of Adult Parole partnered with the Colorado Evaluation and Action Lab (Colorado Lab) and Mathematica to examine and document pre- and post-release services provided to formerly incarcerated individuals in Colorado and the frequency of recidivism for those who receive reentry support (Department of Corrections System Mapping). As a part of this work, Mathematica developed an individual-level linked data set incorporating information from four data systems, generated measures of reentry program contact, and conducted a quantitative descriptive analysis to examine reentry program contact among people returning to the community from prison.

As the DOC moves forward with program improvement efforts, the newly linked dataset offers a unique opportunity for DOC staff and administrators to continue learning about the reach of reentry services in the state of Colorado and how they might better serve individuals leaving prison. Under phase two of this project, Mathematica in partnership with CDOC and Colorado Lab will leverage the existing data set to further examine ways to target reentry services so that they can best help reduce incarceration across the state. We will examine which reentry services might best help reduce incarceration across the state and achieve greater benefits for incarcerated individuals, utilizing an existing dataset. The project will include three analyses: (1) defining groups of individuals with particular characteristics that would benefit most from specific services based on their Level of Service Inventory risk score, (2) predicting the impact of Employment and Training Navigation services on expanding this promising program to a larger pool of individuals reentering the community, and (3) identifying improved methods for targeting reentry services to decrease technical parole violations. Each analysis will yield a summary of lessons learned and guidelines that CDOC can use independently moving forward to more efficiently and effectively target delivery of reentry services.


Colorado Department of Corrections

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