Two Generation (2Gen) Child Support Transformation Project

Colorado Department of Human Services is changing the culture of child support from an enforcement model to a customer service model.  The focus is now on the whole family. Case workers are using motivational interviewing techniques to identify barriers to custodial and non-custodial parents and connect parents to a network of partners who can help. Co-parenting programs and mediation are among the services provided. Eleven counties are test-driving this new approach, and the Lab is conducting a randomized control trial and process evaluation to learn what works.


Supporting families of incarcerated youth

The Department of Human Services seeks to improve outcomes for incarcerated youth and their families through a two-generation (or “2gen”) approach to support services. The agency is developing a project that could focus on either incarcerated youth and their own children, or on youth and their parents/families. Youth with their own children, a relatively small group, might receive parental training, a parenting support group, and dedicated bonding time with their children. The family program would involve partnering with counties to expand existing supports for these families while the youth is in detention. The Lab will help the Department measure the success of these strategies.


Supporting student parents

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