Five Quick-Turnaround, Actionable Research Projects Recommended for Funding

The goal of the Quick-Turnaround RFP is to elevate and fund projects that could make meaningful progress on the priorities Governor Hickenlooper set for the Colorado Lab within a short time period.  Twenty-two submissions were received, and the review process included consultation with state agency partners and feedback to research teams about how to further tailor their proposals to agency priorities.

The recommended projects share a strong commitment to mutualistic partnerships between research teams and government agencies.

The Colorado Lab is delighted to invest $269,326 in the Quick-Turnaround projects.  An additional one million dollars in funding is anticipated to be invested in actionable research during the 2019 calendar year.  For example, the Colorado Lab recently released another RFP:  Cross System, Actionable Social or Health Policy Research.

The Quick-Turnaround projects:

Analyzing Colorado Juvenile Risk Assessment (CJRA) Data to Inform Prevention and Early Intervention

  • Colorado State University, $65,562

Learning from the State of Colorado’s Recent Performance and Efficiency Initiatives

  • University of Colorado Denver, $69,000

Postsecondary Participation of Youth Formerly in Foster Care

  • University of Northern Colorado, $25,974

Social Determinants of Health in Colorado: Spatial Analysis of Housing Affordability, Health Issues, and Health Care Accessibility

  • University of Northern Colorado, $41,298

Working Together: The Impact of a Multidisciplinary Response Team (MDT) on Caregiver Engagement and Child Outcomes following Child Abuse and Neglect

  • University of Denver, $67,492