Three Cross System, Actionable Social or Health Policy Research Projects Recommended for Funding

The goal of the Cross System RFP is to generate actionable research that benefits multiple systems and informs improving the lives of Coloradans. The recommended projects share a strong commitment to mutualistic partnerships between research teams and government agencies.

The Colorado Lab is delighted to invest approximately $224,674 in 2019 for these Cross System projects. The funding amount listed for each project with an award greater than $75,000 includes a 25 percent match.

The Cross System projects:

Addressing Food Insecurity by Improving Referral Systems between Medical and Social Services Providers in Mesa County

  • University of Colorado School of Medicine; $124,667 in 2019; $124,733 anticipated in 2020.

Reducing Recidivism for Justice-Involved Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury: Determining the Efficacy of a Screening, Identification, and Referral Model

  • University of Denver; $50,000 in 2019

Racial Disparities in the Criminal Justice System:  Evaluating and Addressing Issues in Prosecution

  • University of Colorado Denver; $93,063 in 2019; $109,141 anticipated in 2020