Transforming Colorado’s Child Support Services to a Two-Generation Approach: Lessons Learned from Implementing an 11-County Pilot Study

The implementation findings and lessons learned during the first eight months of implementing the 2Gen Project in 11 Colorado counties are summarized in this report. Overall, the 11 counties participating in the 2Gen Project show substantial progress in transforming child support services to the 2Gen approach despite facing obstacles to making this transition. All 11 counties are meeting fidelity in the following indicators: leadership, commitment, culture; data sharing/use; program design; partnerships; and caseworker staffing. The 2Gen service delivery model is undeniably resource intensive, requires extensive collaboration and partnerships, and mandates dedicated, consistent leadership. This report documents significant progress towards fidelity to the 2Gen model but also highlights opportunities for growth. These lessons learned can inform future rollouts of the 2Gen model in Colorado and the nation as the impetus to provide more comprehensive 2Gen child support services grows.

Please note that this report will be expanded later in 2019 to include the program effectiveness results of the impact study.

Click the image below to read the report. 

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